how to pay

There are a number of ways to pay for your meals with Easy Living, all designed to be as easy and simple as possible. 

Firstly, the vast majority of our customers choose to pay their delivery drivers directly in advance on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Your delivery driver will be able to tell you how much your order amounts to when you place your order for the week ahead, and you can simply hand the money over to them in person. This ensures that you are always paid up, and you only ever have to deal with your familiar and regular delivery driver. 

It is completely up to our customers whether they pay through cash or cheque, and both can be handled by your delivery driver.

There are some instances however where elderly or vulnerable customers are not able to handle their own finances. In these instances, we can arrange a direct invoicing agreement with a family member to cover the meals. In these instances, we will always liaise directly with the family members, ensuring that the elderly customer is not troubled with bills or having to arrange payment.