Do the meals arrive hot?

Of course! Our meals are delivered piping hot, straight to your door. An Easy Living driver will even be happy to plate out and serve the meal to your loved ones, so you don't have to worry about elderly or housebound loved ones struggled to heat up or serve their own food. We make every effort, so that you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones can get a home-cooked, piping hot meal without the difficulty of cooking by themselves. 

Although the majority of our meals are served piping hot, we do offer some salads, sandwich platters, and desserts which are served cold. These offer customers a touch of variety in those summer months, and are delivered to our customers nice and chilled. 

If you do have any dietary requirements, or would like the food served to a particular temperature, please do call the office, or place a request with your delivery driver, and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

is easy living registered with the local authority environmental health?

Yes, Easy Living have been in business for over ten years now, specialising in the provision of cooked meals to the most vulnerable and elderly in our community. We take our responsibility to our customers, and to their loved ones, very seriously. 

We are registered, and inspected frequently. We are also trusted by the local authorities, and regularly receive recommendations and referrals from social services and local hospitals. Our esteemed position with the regulatory authorities is reflective not just of the hard work and efforts of our kitchen and delivery teams, but also of our commitment to be more than just a food delivery service. Local authorities often suggest us, because they know that we see our responsibility as more than just the delivery of food. 

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do delivery drivers check in on my loved one?

Absolutely. As we are often the most regular, or sadly, the only caller for many of our customers, we have unfortunately had situations where delivery drivers have found customers fallen or injured. In these instances, we telephone the loved ones of the family, as well as a hospital or ambulance. 

We understand that for many reasons, families are not able to check in on loved ones as often as they would like, and we understand the responsibility entrusted to us by families is to do more than just deliver food. Our friendly deliver drivers check in on customers to ensure their health and welfare, and if we have any concerns at all we contact either the families or health services required. 

It is for this reason why we only hire caring and compassionate delivery drivers, as we understand that our responsibility to our customers is to do more than just bring their food.